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Scrappy Cowl – Stash Busting Pattern

What started out as 5 mismatched leftover balls of hand painted yarn turned into my favorite neck warmer!  The color changes combined with the slipped stitches make the colors sing.  It is totally worth weaving in the ends to get the color variations. This did require a good wet blocking to discourage curling and it… Continue reading Scrappy Cowl – Stash Busting Pattern

**Free Patterns**

Make an Interchangeable Needle Case in 10 Minutes for $10.

The project I'm presenting originates from useitupwearitout.blogspot.com.  It was suggested to me by Chrisknits.wordpress.com.  It's ridiculously easy and so clever.  Many thanks to Shearling, the woman behind the idea and of course Chris for sharing the idea!  🙂 There are these beautiful paperback book covers by Vera Bradley that are sold at bookstores as well… Continue reading Make an Interchangeable Needle Case in 10 Minutes for $10.

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Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern

An all-seeing eyeball floats above golden bricks and is all dressed up with a bow-tie!  Whether or not you are familiar with the character of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, this sweater is an eye-catcher.  🙂  Lots of ease and full sleeve make this oversized sweater a very comfortable fit.  This pullover is knit in… Continue reading Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern

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Fabulous & Flexible Fingerless Mitts- Tipsy Glove Pattern

Tipsy.pdf Another set of fingerless gloves has come off my needles and I love them.  My favorite part about these gloves is how strange they look just sitting on the table. They resemble trees.  I'm planning on gifting a pair on Christmas just to see the confusion on his face when he wonders what on… Continue reading Fabulous & Flexible Fingerless Mitts- Tipsy Glove Pattern