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Make an Interchangeable Needle Case in 10 Minutes for $10.

VeraThe project I’m presenting originates from useitupwearitout.blogspot.com.  It was suggested to me by Chrisknits.wordpress.com.  It’s ridiculously easy and so clever.  Many thanks to Shearling, the woman behind the idea and of course Chris for sharing the idea!  🙂

There are these beautiful paperback book covers by Vera Bradley that are sold at bookstores as well as on online auction sites.  They are quilted with batting so there is a bit of heft to them.  Using these as a starting point saves so much time and effort.  In less than 10 minutes they can become interchangeable needle cases!

I purchased mine online for $8 plus shipping.  Take a look at the inside, just waiting to be turned into pockets!Vera2First things first, I needed a closure so I attached magnetic closures.  Others have sewn a button and a loop to the outside instead.

Vera4Next, I sewed straight lines to turn the large pockets into many smaller pockets.

Vera5Then I put all my needles and things in the pockets.  So simple, fast, and inexpensive!  It took more time to drag out the sewing machine than it did to attach the closures and sew a few straight lines.

Vera9While this small case will not hold all of my knitting accessories, it works really well for my interchangeable needles.  I even put a few stitch markers and a tapestry needle in a small plastic bag that I tucked into a larger pocket.  Perfect for slipping into my knitting bag and keeping my needles organized.  Yay!

Thanks Chris for the suggestion!!!  I’m super in love with this thing.  I highly recommend making one for yourself.  Here are more glamor shots:

Vera7 Vera9 Vera8

11 thoughts on “Make an Interchangeable Needle Case in 10 Minutes for $10.”

  1. You are so crafty! I have been thinking about making a felt case, but you know how busy I am! I need to get a photo of the sweater pin I made last night, turned out pretty good. But I have to get back to work, the Vikings are calling for me!

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  2. When I saw this I couldn’t figure out how you got a pic of my needlecase. LOL. Only difference is I used a bit of the ribbon with a button to close it. I also use the ribbon still attached to hold the key. Mine is in my Rav projects under Braeburnknitter.

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    1. LOL! 😀

      It looks like all 3 projects on Ravelry are now made with the same exact cover. I wish I didn’t cut off the pink ribbon. Using it for the key is a great idea. I’m always hunting around for one of those.


  3. This project really appeals to me. So many good things happening together! I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley, I love the Folkloric print, and I’m always using KnitPicks’s rainbow wood needles. I’m adding this needle case to the To Do list. 🙂

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  4. A cute and easy way to reinvent something! I have been thinking of making some kind of pocket/storage thingamy for my interchangeables. I say ‘thingamy’ because I have had several ideas and haven’t decided which way to go yet. I see you have knit pro tips poking out – so pretty – they’d look good even if the fabric was dark and boring!

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    1. I hope you’ll post a pic of your needle thingamy when you settle on an idea. There are some great interchangeable cases on Etsy if you are looking for design ideas. I’ve come very close to buying one until I stumbled across this idea. It’ll work for now but there are some on Etsy that can hold interchangeable needles AND circulars AND straights all at the same time. They are huge but awesome.


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