**Free Patterns**, Betty

Bundle Up Betty Patterns

Below are all of my Bundle Up Betty patterns that are available. Enjoy!

For those who are looking for a Betty doll, they are not currently for sale or in production. We are dealing with some serious personal issues and may not be able to bring Betty back into production for a while. Thanks so much for all the support! ❤


Christmas PJs


Business Betty


Betty Basics


Betty Goes Gnome


Betty Backpack


Sweetheart Dress

9 thoughts on “Bundle Up Betty Patterns”

  1. I got a Bundle Up Betty and Bobby for my daughter and we both love them! It’s so fun to make the little outfits. I hope things get better for you and you are able to get back to this project. You are so creative and inspirational! Thank you! Yvonne


  2. Very sorry about your need to halt production on these wonderful dolls. It must be very hard. I hope one day you’ll be able to reintroduce them as I really regret not buying a few when I first saw them. As a 60 year old knitter, they truly take me back to my childhood, playing with paper dolls. I hope to one day buy one for myself and my “big” sister (66) so we can recreate those days. Best of luck and sincere wishes that the joy returns to your life. Jane.


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