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Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern

An all-seeing eyeball floats above golden bricks and is all dressed up with a bow-tie!  Whether or not you are familiar with the character of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, this sweater is an eye-catcher.  🙂  Lots of ease and full sleeve make this oversized sweater a very comfortable fit.  This pullover is knit in… Continue reading Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern


Finished Object. (It’s a Conspiracy!)

A new sweater is officially off my needles.  It features an all-seeing eyeball floating above golden bricks.  This may seem like an odd design choice unless you are familiar with Bill Cipher from the show Gravity Falls.  Bill is an animated yellow pyramid cyclops that wears a bowtie.  We think he's based off the all-seeing… Continue reading Finished Object. (It’s a Conspiracy!)