New Yarn = Rethinking How to Plan a Sweater

After reading many gushing reviews on this yarn, I placed an order and waited *somewhat* patiently for "the softest and fluffiest yarn ever" to make it's way across the ocean and onto my front porch.  It's called Air and it's by Drops out of the UK.  Composed mainly of alpaca with some poly and merino… Continue reading New Yarn = Rethinking How to Plan a Sweater

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Plotting a Succesful Sleeve Cap- What a Learning Curve!

After four separate attempts, I've finally produced a wearable sleeve cap!  It's a little embarrassing that I totally overlooked taking the around-the-arm shoulder-to-shoulder measurement and kept producing silly narrow sleeve caps, but at least I figured it out!  In case you missed it, you can catch up from my previous post, the sleeve cap nightmare.… Continue reading Plotting a Succesful Sleeve Cap- What a Learning Curve!

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How Do You Really Block a Sweater?

As my newest sweater piece came off the needles, contradictory advice on wet blocking swirled in my head.  I've been on a bit of book binge and have purchase some new knitting books:  "Finishing School" by Deborah Newton and "Knowledgeable Knitter" by Margaret Radcliffe. Ms. Newton is a pattern designer and declares that "less is… Continue reading How Do You Really Block a Sweater?

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Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern

An all-seeing eyeball floats above golden bricks and is all dressed up with a bow-tie!  Whether or not you are familiar with the character of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, this sweater is an eye-catcher.  🙂  Lots of ease and full sleeve make this oversized sweater a very comfortable fit.  This pullover is knit in… Continue reading Conspiracy Sweater- Free Pattern

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Raglan Decreases- in Pictures

The arms are now joined to the body of the sweater and I've remember that 2 circular needles going from mid-arm to mid-arm make it much less tight when knitting through those initial sleeve stitches after the join.  I wish I would've remembered that when I was knitting the baby skull sweater! I've decided to… Continue reading Raglan Decreases- in Pictures

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A More Moderate Color Scheme

My family (husband and children) talked me off the 13-color fair isle cliff and into a more reasonable (and visually appealing) 7-color fair isle.  It didn't take a lot of convincing because I wasn't completely sure I could wear such an eye-catching sweater around town. Hubby chose a complimentary color scheme of orange and blue with… Continue reading A More Moderate Color Scheme