Nautty Baby- Giving Thanks!

NauttyClose2A huge THANK YOU to Missy’s Crafty Mess for test knitting my latest pattern!  Her feedback was very helpful!  If you check out her blog, you can see her sweet little off-white Nautty sweater.

Usually, I post a free pattern of my latest project here on the blog.  But, if you’ve been reading, then you know I’m working towards selling my patterns.  This latest baby sweater pattern is available for sale on Ravelry.com but, until the end of the month (11/30/2014), readers can download the pattern for free!  Click to access it directly here.  You may need to have a Ravelry account.

Yarn dyeing is on my agenda for today!  I’m so excited and have some crazy color combinations planned.  My tech-able mittens are still a work-in-progress.  My hubby thinks they need to fit snug but I kinda like to have some wiggle room in my mittens for my fingers.  How do you wear your mittens?  Tight or loose?


5 thoughts on “Nautty Baby- Giving Thanks!”

  1. Thanks for the download!! I have to admit I would prefer snug. Loose just seems to make handling things difficult because of the feeling of extra fabric. Not tight, but definitely not loose for me. But I do prefer them to not be too short, that’s the killer.


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