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Tech-able Mittens

cabledmittI love mittens.  They keep my hands and fingers so much warmer than gloves but I rarely wear them because I cannot answer my phone or use the GPS while wearing them.  Fingerless mitts solve a lot of this problem but my fingers are still COLD.  The solution?  Finger holes in the mittens!cabledmitt3cabledmitt2However, the holes in the mittens created another problem- a draft while not in use.  I found that a simple garter stitch flap overcomes this obstacle.  Yay for that!  I haven’t yet knitted a flap over the thumb as you can see in the picture.  It turns out that I knitted the thumb too large.  There’s a little bit of tweaking to be done to the pattern before it’s really wearable.

The strange flap on the wrist is a button band.  There are pretty silver buttons in my stash that I thought would compliment a cabled pattern.  Buttons can add that bit of sparkle to a project that brings the whole thing to life.  🙂

I’m really excited about these mittens.  It’s a shame that they need reworking before they are wearable.  I’ve been taking notes along the way for a possible future pattern release.  In the meantime, I’ll be sitting by the fireplace in hand-knitted socks with my dog creepily staring at me while I work on these mittens.  Hope you are staying warm as well.fireplace

7 thoughts on “Tech-able Mittens”

  1. Love these mittens! I would definitely knit them if you released the pattern. I just knit the Peekaboo mittens and wear them every day on my walk to work. The opening allows me to easily free my fingers for keys and such without messing with buttons and flaps. Good job on your creative solution.

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