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A More Moderate Color Scheme

OrangeFairChartMy family (husband and children) talked me off the 13-color fair isle cliff and into a more reasonable (and visually appealing) 7-color fair isle.  It didn’t take a lot of convincing because I wasn’t completely sure I could wear such an eye-catching sweater around town. 

Hubby chose a complimentary color scheme of orange and blue with greys and a pop of green.  I really love it.  When it was knit up into a test swatch, the blue-on-blue had a nice subtle effect.  And, the grey-white made the whole thing feel vintage and washed a million times before. 

OrangeFairThe blue-on-blue is much more apparent in person than in this pic of the swatch.  And, I’ve changed the design a bit from this test. 

A weird thing about the swatch- my gauge came out to 6.5 stitches per inch and 6.5 rows per inch after blocking (from size 2 needles).  My sweaters always grow into monsters after blocking so I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a blocked swatch so my size is correct in the end.  There’s nothing worse than spending a hundred hours knitting a sweater that grows into a tent when you block it!

ColorSchemeI have cast on and started knitting the body from the bottom ribbed edge.  This is the first time I’ve used Palette from Knit Picks and I’m loving it!  It’s reasonably soft after blocking, the colors are amazing, and it’s not a bad price. 

9 thoughts on “A More Moderate Color Scheme”

    1. Thanks Jen! I use Excel and then select and fill the various cells with my colors. I haven’t tried online graph paper. Although, sometimes I go old-school and use pencil and regular graph paper. 🙂


      1. Awww, thanks! And I feel likewise. You are an amazing knitter. I still can’t believe you were able to recreate one of your paintings into a sweater! 🙂


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