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Stash Expansion for Fair Isle Experimentation

StashArrival3My box of yarn and supplies has arrived!  Yay!  It’s all fingering-weight wool intended for experimentation in fair isle or color-stranded knitting.  While I should start with small projects, I’m envisioning a scoop-neck pull over.  The shape and math is the easy part.  Deciding what kind of pattern to use is the tough part! 

StashArrivalI got carried away when I placed my order and have 17 colors to choose from.  Probably too many for one project.  But, narrowing them down isn’t easy.  And, deciding what patterns to use also isn’t easy.  I’ve opened up excel to play around and I’m no closer to a decision.  The colors are far from subtle but I love sparkles and bright hues.  Hopefully, my children will be seen out in public with me wearing my creation when it’s completed.  You may notice that I sneaked in a skull into the pattern.  I just couldn’t resist. 



9 thoughts on “Stash Expansion for Fair Isle Experimentation”

  1. Wow you have many options. I like the 3rd one with blue hue background. But it looks like you might be going for a brown hue background. Glad you’re back and well.


  2. Brilliant! I’ve been longing to do the same thing at Knit Picks…order a whole big box of colors. It’s the grown up version of Crayons 😉


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