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Cables Are Coming Along

CityTweedCable2The cable panel on the front of the sweater is shaping up to make for a really pretty pattern.  After reaching the underarm, I’ve had to start on a sleeve and decide what kind of pattern I’m going to put up the center.

This rope and hoop pattern fits on the smaller sleeve and I think it coordinates well-enough with the pattern on the body of the sweater.  Cables don’t have to be too matchy-matchy do they?

DetailsCityTweedCableSleeve on the sleeve so far:  Cast on 32 sts.  1×1 rib for a couple of inches.  Make 4 extra stitches evenly around on the set up row.  Then, center the cable panel on the sleeve and use moss stitch on all remaining stitches.  I’m increasing each side of the center underarm every 4th row and it appears to be just right.  Time will tell.

dogdamageIn other news, my dog chewed up one of my row counters.  I’m glad he didn’t get a hold of my yarn or sweater, but it still stinks!  I’m having to keep track of my chart placement with pencil and paper at the moment.

And, finally, here’s the chart for the sleeve cable.  This chart only took a few minutes to create now that I’ve figured out a method.  Okay, maybe 20 minutes, but still an improvement over yesterday.  🙂


12 thoughts on “Cables Are Coming Along”

  1. It’s beautiful and I look forward to seeing the finished post. My youngest lab chewed half a sleeve once. So, yes, do consider yourself lucky to have gotten off with just a chewed counter. 🙂


  2. Lovely cables! They’re so crisp! I think that usually means a good yarn choice for the stitch pattern. Can’t wait to see when it’s finished! My daughter loves the click of my counter too. I had to buy an extra two just to make sure I had one around that wasn’t lost at the moment. I think it’s just one of those indulgences that knitters have to share with those they love, lol.


    1. Thank you! I had heard that the KP tweed was good for cables and I’ve been pleased with the result.

      Yep, I love the counter and all the little knitting extras. With all the time and care we put into our craft, it’s nice to have those things. I need to follow your lead and buy extras just-in-case. It’s hard to be without!


  3. That tweed really is fabulous! And it looks great knitted into cables. Did you know that there are knitting counters for your smart phone? There are several available for iphone for under $5 and there are a couple of free ones, too.


    1. For charting, I found a free knit symbols font that I downloaded. For most charts, I can use this font in excel to create what I need. For cables that cross boxes, I do the basics in excel then save as a pdf and open it up in photoshop to draw in the cable symbols. There are awesome software products that allow for easier charting that also generate written instructions but they are not free. 🙂


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