Nautty Finally Meets Nautty.

SONY DSCWeeks ago, I designed a baby sweater, Nautty,  for my nephew, Nautty.  With my nephew hundreds of miles away, I didn’t have a baby to model my newest design.  And, since I decided to save the sweater as a Christmas present, I’ve had to wait all this time to get any pictures to share of an actual baby wearing my handiwork.  My sister sent over some pictures today and it was well worth the wait.  He’s just so darned cute!

SONY DSCNautty currently wears a size 12 mos and the sweater I knitted is a size 18 mos so he should be able to wear it all season.  Yay for that!  And, my sister also included a pic of Nautty’s daddy wearing the Romantic Reindeer hat I made for him.

It’s so nice to know that the time and care I put into my knitted pieces are not only appreciated but actually worn!  Over the years, I’ve figured out who likes handmade gifts and who doesn’t so I don’t waste my time and energy (and yarn!!).

On another note, a new batch of freshly dyed sock yarn has made its way into my Etsy shop.  Since we decided not to travel for the holidays, I was able to dye yarn on Christmas Eve with my daughter.  We had a freakishly warm day and it was so much fun to play with color and enjoy the day.  I know many folks who were disappointed it wasn’t a white Christmas but I wasn’t one of them.  🙂  All my yarn dyeing is an outside affair so I was certain I’d have to wait until spring before I could dye yarn again.  The warm day was a very pleasant surprise!NewSockYarns

For those who are following, I’m still working on my intarsia sweater with the all-seeing eyeball up front.  I’m finishing up the sweater body and getting close to starting on the first sleeve.  And, here are some more pics of Nautty wearing Nautty (thanks for the beautiful pics, sis!):


8 thoughts on “Nautty Finally Meets Nautty.”

  1. Nautty looks squeezable in his sweater. I found out the recipient of mine will be a girl over the holiday. I am going to have to find some buttons and something pink to go a long with it.

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    1. Yay for a baby girl! 🙂 Maybe some girly buttons would work? You were smart to go with the white color! I love to take my FO into the store and “audition” buttons. I can’t wait to see what you choose. 😀


  2. Oh my gracious!! Your nephew is adorable I the sweater you made for him!! I hope you are offering the pattern for this…folks will want to knit a Nautty of their own! It really IS fun to give hands it’s and/or crochets. But definitely to those who appreciate them and wear them!

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