The Intarsia Party Has Ended

illuminati2I’ve reached the end of the intarsia panel and it’s mostly yellow stitches from here on out.  The flat intarsia went well and was far easier than my intarsia-in-the-round experiment.  “Old over new” was my motto to keep the links tidy and the holes at bay.

You can sort of see the purled ditches in the “bricks” that will later become crochet chain vertical lines of orange.  I’m waiting until the finishing process before I put them in.  In case you missed it, the technique is from and is called Easy Knitted Plaid.  Although, I’m not using it for plaid.

I’m trying to write the pattern for this sweater as I knit and it’s really slowing things down because figuring out how to describe the armhole decreases in conjunction with the neck bind off is giving me some trouble.  I’ve got numbers across 6 sizes and they all do different things at different rows.

baresockyarn2At least a load of white yarn has arrived on my doorstep to serve as a distraction from my pattern writing difficulties.  We are supposed to have a freakishly warm day tomorrow (up to 70 degrees!!) so I may just be dyeing yarn on Christmas Eve with my daughter.  What better way to spend the day?  🙂

And, just for fun, here’s a pic of some new stitch markers.  I hope to get them on Etsy in the next couple of days.  Tiny Einsteins!einstein

3 thoughts on “The Intarsia Party Has Ended”

  1. It’s looking fabulous! It’s going to be a soggy Christmas here, snow,rain, snow,grey, muddy, blah… It would be nice to see some sunlight! You girls enjoy that great weather! Still waiting on the mail… Come home little dragons!

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