More Tipsy

tipsynewThese little fingerless gloves are ADDICTIVE to knit!  My fourth pair is currently on my needles.  It’s probably because they knit up so quickly in worsted-weight yarn and because they look so weird when the ribbed version comes off the needles.

I did discover several major mistakes in my original pattern release with Tipsy as I was going along with my third pair.  The size small stitch counts were wrong and some of the thumb gusset instructions regarding the ribbed-version were wrong.  Yikes!  The directions have been corrected and an update was posted yesterday here.  My sincere apologies!

tipsynew2This green ribbed pair is a size small.  The pair currently on my needles is a size large, stockinette version.  I’ve finally found a good use for that single ball of Chroma that has been in my stash for several years.  Yay for that!  It is quite possible that everyone related to me will be getting a pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas this year.tipsynew3

6 thoughts on “More Tipsy”

  1. I like that you’ve included fingers, my hands get so cold that I think this would provide that little bit of extra warmth needed.


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