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Color Stranded AND Cabled

CrazySock3I’ve been wanting to play around with color stranded cables for a while now and socks are the perfect platform for experimentation- small, portable, and they knit up pretty quickly.

This yarn has been sitting in my stash cabinet since I finished my Jolly Rancher vest (which is a fair isle vest pattern by Eunny Jang and can be found free on ravelry!)  I’m very happy to be stash bustin’ along with playing around with new techniques.

CrazySock2There’s a stained-glass feel to the stitch pattern.  I’m thinking that if the cables were black and the background was a gradient yarn like Noro, the stained-glass effect would be even more pronounced.  Perhaps I might give it a try in the next pair.

For those that would like to recreate, I’ll be working up a chart in the next few days.CrazySock

8 thoughts on “Color Stranded AND Cabled”

  1. Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am not a knitter but i love reading about what you are doing! Know I am a follower and I really think your content is great! ~Kare


  2. Absolutely stunning! And they would look definitely awesome in black with a gradient yarn as background. You should totally try to submit those to knitty or a similar publication. The design is beautiful and you make wonderful photos – just give it a try!


  3. Oh… I love it! I’ve been wanting to play with color more, as everything I do is either solid colors or stripes, or planned color placements like in toys or something. But I’ve been meaning to try this technique for a while now. Maybe I’ll actually get to it!


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