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Adding Birds to Double Knitting

birdsknitted Double knitting has been a fun challenge much like Fair Isle knitting.    Once I figured out how to move the yarn back and forth in a way that stopped the tangling, it’s been smooth sailing.

The birds on the original pattern were going to be repeated but when it’s a simple matter of charting to make the scarf more interesting, why limit myself to 5 birds?  Below is the new plan for my birds.  My husband though it would be humorous to place a cat at the end of the wire watching the birds, however, I thought it might throw the whole thing off balance so no cat.


4 thoughts on “Adding Birds to Double Knitting”

  1. Wow! Those birds are great. I’ve not tried my hand at double knitting yet. Maybe once I get through some of this pile of WIPs, I oughta check it out.


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