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What the Mailman Brought Me!

AwesomeYarnArrivalThe first week in January, Knit Picks ran a sale and I couldn’t resist this tweed.  It’s soft, beautiful and perfect for some cabled-up sweaters!  I’ve been watching through the window every afternoon to see if a brown package would make it to the doorstep and it’s here!

Knit Picks is hands-down my favorite online yarn shop.  Granted, it’s nowhere near as fun as browsing through my local yarn shop and touching everything and coming home with something divine in my hands… but it helps keep my knitting habit affordable.  Their yarns are usually soft with few knots.  And, I love their harmony circular needles- the cables are pliable and the wooden needles aren’t too sticky or too slick… they are just right.

I would love to hear what your favorite online yarn shop might be…  I don’t want to miss out on something awesome!

13 thoughts on “What the Mailman Brought Me!”

  1. I love their interchangeable needles too but I buy Hiya Hiya circulars for making socks or anything 2 and under. I have broken my Harmony needles in my purse! Pretty tweed yarn, I purchased their brown tweed and grey tweed set from the last sale, still haven’t picked a project. My other favorite yarn shop is the Loopy Ewe, they sell Kauni!


  2. I’ve never used Kauni so I went out to the site to check it out… and I love those colors! How does it compare to Noro?

    I’ve broken my size 4 harmony needles multiple times from accidentally sitting on them… but the size 6 and bigger have withstood he abuse. I’ve also never used the Hiya Hiya’s but I think I will have to give them a try.


  3. Oooh, I’m very envious. Knitpicks don’t deliver to Ireland – although that’s probably not a bad thing, I’d be broke. I did get their interchangeables in my LYS and I love them.


  4. Just went out to and their prices are very reasonable. Which is your favorite yarn from them? And, I did get the new Knit Picks catalog- I gazed at the Palette colors for an hour last night trying to envision a gorgeous color scheme for a Fair Isle sweater… maybe after I work through some of my current yarn stash. 🙂

    Jenny- I’m surprised they don’t deliver internationally. I don’t know where I’d get all my yarn if Knit Picks wouldn’t ship to me. You must have a wonderful LYS. Mine have beautiful yarns but they are pricey. A yarn has to be extra special and scream out to me in the LYS before I take it home… which happens every time I enter the store so I only visit once in a while.


  5. I love the City Tweed yarn. It’s so soft. I just took advantage of the sale myself. I’m still waiting for my package though.Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.


  6. Knit Picks is so great, and affordable! Sometimes the colors don’t exactly match what I think I’m getting, but I’ve never been disappointed. I purchased my harmony interchangeables about a week before they debuted the sunstruck set. I love my harmony needles, but would have much preferred the lighter wood. I have trouble with dark yarns on the harmony needles sometimes.


  7. I also shop Knit Picks, but I have to control myself on how often I visit there. I’ve just discovered; I also have to limit myself. Maybe some day I’ll knit as good as you do. Thanks for the likes and follow!


    1. Yarn shopping is so addictive! I just checked out and they have some gorgeous yarns. Thanks for the link! 🙂 And, I love your photos of the Cascade Casablanca. Beautiful colors and it looks so much softer than Noro… I think I might have to try it!


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