More Mistakes but Easy Fixes. Dragon Charts Too!

dragonsSteve’s twin is complete!  But, if you look closely, you’ll see that their knees don’t match.  I have no idea what I was looking at when I knitted up the second dragon, but the two legs are fused together at the knee.

My options as I see them:

1) Live with the mistake.  (Not likely.  This little flub will drive me crazy!)

2) Over-dye the white stitches with grey (But, how do I get an exact color match?)

3) Duplicate stitch with grey over the white. (Which adds a bit of bulk.)

I’ve opted to duplicate stitch.

dragons2Easy enough.  I tightened the yarn up to get the stitches to lay flat and you can’t even tell.  Yay!

dragons3Here are the dragon charts if you’d like to use them for your personal projects (click for a larger view):


14 thoughts on “More Mistakes but Easy Fixes. Dragon Charts Too!”

  1. Yep, my eyes went right to it! I wasn’t going to mention that… And I got the most wonderful things in the mail box today! I adore the yarn that you made! So beautiful and thanks for making it a cake! And? I love the green yarn! I know what it will be, I have wanted to make a “beware Ogre” sweater (just like shrek’s sign) and it is perfect!!!!! And the stitch markers are beautiful, my mom wants them and she doesn’t knit. And hello, that DROPS air is amazing! Definitely on my list. So, dear best swap buddy, THANK YOU!!!

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