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Aliens Have Invaded the Sweater Body

HighScoreBody2It looks like gauge isn’t going to be an issue with this project.  (Thank Heavens!)  And, several members of my household are looking forward to wearing this when it’s finished- including my 15 year-old daughter who hasn’t worn any of my hand-knit sweaters.  So, I’m very flattered!  lol.

Initially, I was thinking of putting the alien motif on both arms.  Now I think it would be overkill so the new plan is to knit the arms in plain black.  This means I need to end the motif before I join the arms to the body which shouldn’t look too strange when finished.  I just hope it wears well and it isn’t awkward having a thick band of color-stranding around the middle of the sweater.

UPDATEDsiChartThis is my second fingering-weight color-stranded adult-sized sweater in a row.  My next project needs to be a fast and chunky knit.  An immediate gratification project.

I’ve updated the chart for the little aliens.  It’s a 45 stitch repeat with 5 rows of black between the different alien types.

Thinking ahead towards future projects, I found the most clever use for Noro yarn on  It’s an improvised triangle sweater knit by a lady in the Netherlands by the ravelry id of DHelbig.  My hubby thinks the sweater is too 1980’s but I love it!  Intarsia is one of the few knitting techniques I have yet to tackle and I am thinking of trying to recreate this thing with some Noro I have tucked away in my stash.  Maybe I should start out with a scarf first?

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