Finished Object. (It’s a Conspiracy!)

illuminatiDoneA new sweater is officially off my needles.  It features an all-seeing eyeball floating above golden bricks.  This may seem like an odd design choice unless you are familiar with Bill Cipher from the show Gravity Falls.  Bill is an animated yellow pyramid cyclops that wears a bowtie.  We think he’s based off the all-seeing eyeball from the dollar bill and much like the green eyeball, Bill is the center of many conspiracies in the show.

This sweater is knit from the bottom-up and in-the-round until the intarsia panel.  Flat intarsia is so much easier for me than in-the-round intarsia so I was willing to sacrifice a little bit of seaming for the tidy intarsia links.  Once the body is knit and shoulders are seamed, stitches are picked up around the armhole and the arms are knitted in place down to the cuff.  The finishing of the sweater includes using a crochet chain to put in the black lining around the eyeball and the vertical lines for the bricks.  And, a tiny bit of embroidery is used for those luscious eyelashes.

My daughter is thrilled with the results.  I’m so glad she is- because the sweater was her request and design!  I’m trying to finish up the pattern so I can share it.  I’m not sure how many people are fans of Gravity Falls, but if you knit this in greens instead of yellows, it can easily become the “All-Seeing Eyeball from the Dollar Bill” sweater instead.  Who wouldn’t want that sweater?  🙂


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Baby Bad Ass

Baby Bad Ass
Baby Bad Ass

It’s been well over a year since my last post.  Lots of things have happened – we moved (twice), I have a new nephew, and I’ve battled some anxiety and depression.  And, yes, some knitting also happened that was not recorded here or on ravelry.  I apologize for any unanswered questions or messages.  But, I’m ready to rejoin the world.  🙂

My latest project is for my teeny little nephew that resides over a thousand miles away.  His momma is a rebel and a sweetheart.  I couldn’t just give her a sweet baby bear sweater for her new bundle of joy.  Nope.  Skulls and cross bones are in order.

I’m aiming for a size 12 months.  If you’d like to follow along, I cast on 176 stitches in a contrasting yarn (fingering weight) using a size 1 circular needle.  Rib in K2, P2 for an 1 1/2 inches or so.  K around while decreasing (k2tog) every 10 stitches to reduce to 160 sts total.  Begin chart using black and white yarn.

Update:  And just for fun, a video of my color stranded knitting technique which was kindly edited by my wonderful daughter.  (Thanks babe!)