Cladonia Is Off the Needles

My Cladonia shawl is off the needles!!  And, not a single cat tried to sleep on it as it was blocking on the floor.  Providing them with a wool cat bed has seemed to curbed the appeal of my fresh knitting.  Yay!

IMG_8461 copyThis shawl is quite big.  I modified the pattern to enlarge it so I could use up more of the yarn.  Instructions for the increase in size are available on project pages from other knitters on Ravelry.

My youngest daughter loved this shawl so much that she dyed her own sock blank and now I’ve got another Cladonia on my needles.

IMG_8459She wants the lace at the bottom to be in white.  I’m excited to knit this up and work through the different color sections of the sock blank.  And, I hope she’ll use the shawl or at least tuck it away to use in the future.  🙂

Here are some more beauty shots of my newest FO:

IMG_8457 copyIMG_8459 copyIMG_8463 copyIMG_8467 copy

22 thoughts on “Cladonia Is Off the Needles”

    1. Thanks Sarah! That’s a great idea! The Pashmina is a sport weight and the pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn… I wonder if it would make that much of a difference?


  1. The shawl looks impressive, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new one for your daughter. I’m glad that your cat loves his new bed and doesn’t use your blocking projects to take a nap 😉

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  2. Grasshopper + Coquette Pashmina is the exact color pairing I coveted in the last Tosh shipment my LYS got!! I’m glad you picked it! I can live vicariously because for once, I actually resisted buying it! I was sort of sad when it sold out! LOL!

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  3. Great minds think alike!! These 2 colors were my absolute faves out of the colors offered. And you have some serious self-control! lol! Now that I have them in hand, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them! But, they look pretty on the shelf and I like to pick them up and touch them from time to time.


  4. Love it!!!! Mine ranks as one of my favorite knits of all time and I love wearing it! Almost makes me want to cast on another. I can’t wait to see the new version, that will be stunning too.


    1. Thanks!! 🙂 I’m hoping that the cats are getting their fill of sitting on wool from their new cat bed and it’s not just a fluke that they stayed off my wet knitting. Time will tell!

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  5. Your shawl is so gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to knit something so big with fingering weight, but it won’t happen. I got all excited when you said you’d do hot pink and gray for the MKAL. That’s one of my favorite color combinations! I like the orange and gray all right, but it seems more fall-ish. Can’t wait to see what you decide. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bonny! (I have accidentally left many a comment as anonymous! Lol. I don’t know why my computer occasionally logs me out of WordPress…)

      The hot pink and gray color combo is one of my very favorites. I may just use the orange for something for Rachael since she likes it so much.


  6. I have the Cladonia shawl almost finished but made a few mistakes below. Did you knit that in the Madeline Tosh Light or the sport? I used the Georgia O Keefe Sport and it doesn’t show the fringe as well as yours. Any suggestions? Tess


    1. I knit mine with a mix of my own hand dyed yarn and a Cascade fingering yarn. The fringe didn’t really pop until the shawl was blocked. Have you blocked your shawl?


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