“Cat Basket” is a FO and a New Shawl WIP

IMG_8356The “Cat Basket” is finished!  The pic above shows the basket before felting.  It’s sitting on 24″ x 12″ tiles to give it some scale to the size.  It was quite huge.  It’s knitted with a bulky yarn held double.

After felting, the size became a little bit more reasonable and fits my cat very well.

IMG_8362Of course, neither cat would use the bed until it was placed on the cat tree. But, since it’s relocation from floor to cat tree, there has been a little bit of tussling to see who gets to use the bed.

The pattern is Dog Basket by DROPS design.  The only mods I made were to sew under the edges.  It’s suppose to stand on its own but it looked a little wonky.  Tucking the edges under just looked better to me and it creates a pretty bowl shape.

Next up on my needles is a shawl called Cladonia.  It uses fingering weight yarn on US size 7 needles.

IMG_8378This shawl will be striped with a lacy edge.  The plan is to use black for the lace edging.  I’ve chosen to use a sock blank with the solid black to add a little bit of color interest into the shawl.  And, I’m adding a few extra repeats to the lace pattern to increase the size a bit.  I’m finding that I like the larger sizes in shawls.  It’s just so cozy to have lots of squishy merino fabric to wrap around your shoulders and arms!

16 thoughts on ““Cat Basket” is a FO and a New Shawl WIP”

  1. You know that you might have to make a second cat basket right? Then the puppy will want one, then your husband will want one… It really did turn out great! The shawl is going to be beautiful, the black yarn makes your special yarn pop! Can’t wait to see it!

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  2. I love how your cat bed turned out. It sounds like you need to make another one. I love your new shawl. Can’t wait to watch your video when I get to a computer. 😉

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  3. The cat bed looks great! And I’m glad the cats decided they like it. I was tempted to make one for my dogs…then I remembered I have two big chewing machines! Anyway, I’m loving the videos. Keep ’em coming!


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