A Little Something Different

My newest finished object is called Archangel by Aliza Nevarie.  It’s knit on size 6 needles with a Classic Elite yarn.  Mountain Top- Vail.  It was such an interesting construction!  You start knitting in garter stitch from the bottom up and then bind off and turn the corner to pick up the edge to then knit from the top down for the lace!  And, I LOVE the lace on this one!

If you watch the video, I cover the fact that I screwed up the bind off edge and used a much-too-stretchy bind off.  I’m planning on going back over the edge with a crochet hook and a crochet chain to strengthen the edge and put some structure back into the shawl.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s up next on my needles.  I’m leaning towards a baby dress, a cat cocoon, or another shawl.  🙂

IMG_8218 copy IMG_8223 copy IMG_8224 copy IMG_8225 copy IMG_8226 copy

25 thoughts on “A Little Something Different”

    1. Thanks Becky!! 🙂 The Archangel shawl really was a great knit! And, I still can’t wait to dig into my Wool Pak yarn! I agree- so much yarn, too little time!!


  1. Your video was great. It’s wonderful to put a voice to the great comments you leave me. And your shawls are beautiful. I’m so impressed you’re a monogamous knitter. I really want to be but don’t have the willpower 😊. Can’t wait to see what you do with the chunky wool. The colors are stunning.

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  2. Love the video! Love the shawls! LOVE dirty little secrets! Love your NZ wool! Love the name Abigail! Love her video editing skills! Can’t wait for the next video! Check out the Muti Dress…really sweet baby dress, I think you’d probably have enough for it!

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    1. Thanks!! 😀 And, thanks for the dress suggestion! I started in on a pattern called Sproutlette with the yarn yesterday afternoon, but I’ve put the Multi Dress in my queue for next time! It’s darling!!!

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  3. I really enjoyed the video! It’s always nice to see other bloggers talking. You have a very sweet voice. I love that new shawl, pity about the stretchy edge, I hope you can fix it.


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