Next Up – A Lacy Capelette/Cowl

capeletdesign2After a lot of swatching and thinking, I’ve settled on my next project.  It’s going to be a lace-weight capelette that uses a couple of my favorite new stitches: the bee stitch and the fir stitch.  I’m hoping that the capelette will double as a long cowl when draped around the neck and then become a lacy wrap when pulled down over the shoulders.  As always, I’m casting on with my fingers crossed that things will work out in the end.  I’ve never made a capelette and I’ve actually never knitted a garment with lace-weight yarn.

I’ve selected a variegated yarn from my newest yarn line- Delight which is a silk/merino blend that is super soft.  I’m hoping that the stitch pattern and the color changes won’t fight with each other too much in the finished product.

capeletstitI’m planning on using the fir stitch at both ends to give a pretty scalloped edge and the bee stitch in the center portion of the capelette.  The bee stitch must be knitted from the bottom up so that part is settled.

beestitchIn other news, I found a pin on Pinterest that suggested putting out your little yarn ends for the birds.  I’ve put mine out in a suet cage and I’m hoping to see some colorful nests around the neighborhood.  So far, I haven’t seen any takers of my colorful fluff.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Next Up – A Lacy Capelette/Cowl”

  1. Love your design ideas. Did you come up with those stitches yourself or are they from a stitch dictionary? I’ve often thought about working through my stitch dictionary making 4″x4″ swatches and then sewing them into a blanket. One of these days… I have a bit on my plate at the moment. 🙂 Very excited to see how this cowl turns out.

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    1. I found these stitches on That site has so many interesting stitches! I browse through my stitch dictionaries and then end up online. A sampler blanket sounds beautiful!! 🙂 But, you’ve got so many other beautiful craft projects going on. I love seeing what you come up with!

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      1. I’m definitely going to check out that website. Thanks. There’s soooooo much on the internet that you really don’t need books anymore. Although I like nothing better than to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and my dogs and browse through my quilt and knitting magazines and books. Very relaxing right up to the point where I decide I need to make several of the patterns I’ve seen. 😀. I’m trying to improve at not starting too many projects but just at the point I make that decision something comes along that whispers, “you really should make me next”. Oh well – life’s short.

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