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Scrappy Neck Warmers

What is a person supposed to do with their leftover scraps of hand painted yarns?  You make neck warmers, of course!Cowl6My newest project has been cast on.  It doesn’t look like much yet as it’s only a couple of inches along but it will eventually become a double-wrap cowl made from 5 different leftover hand-painted worsted weight yarns and a little bit of sparkly lurex (thank you Becky!).   I’ve cast on 200 sts and used a garter stitch edge.  The center pattern is a slip-stitch puckered diamond motif which gets lost because of all the color changes occurring.  I’m switching yarns whenever suits my fancy because lining up all the yarn breaks makes it more difficult to weave in ends.

Cowl5In the past, I’ve successfully combined disharmonious sock yarn scraps to create a eye-catching (in my opinion) scarf.  So, I’m hopeful that my newest project will work out in the end.  It may turn out to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever knit.yarnlifescarfIhitchhikern other news, I did wrap up my Hitchhiker shawl.  I decided against tearing into a new hank of yarn so my scarf is the 100g version.  It’s long enough to wear but I wouldn’t call it a shawl.  More like a scarf.  I love how the pattern discourages color pooling and shows off hand painted yarns to their very fullest.  It creates a lovely arc of ridges and the garter stitch means no purling and fast knitting.  I may try this one again with more yarn in the future.hitchhiker2

16 thoughts on “Scrappy Neck Warmers”

  1. You knit such beautiful things. And I love that you use up your yarn. I hate throwing away the leftover bits, but now you’ve encouraged me to work them into a scarf or a cowl or possibly a blanket. The Hitchhiker scarf looks great. I’m planning to use your yarn for this pattern, but was nervous about the yarn quantity. I’m excited to see that it looks pretty wonderful with only 100g.

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    1. Thanks Grace!! I hate throwing away those beautiful leftover bits too! I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous scrappy blankets but I don’t think I’d have the patience for a whole blanket. I think you’ll like the Hitchhiker scarf. If I had my hair brushed, I’d have taken a pic while wearing. Maybe I’ll post a pic on Instagram in a bit so you can get a better feel for it’s size to help you decide. 🙂

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  2. Love the Hitchhiker…it’s a pattern I’ve been meaning to knit for a long while. I’m glad to hear it works for handpainted yarn…sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re making the most of them.


  3. Hey thanks for the shout out! That silver shines very nicely in there! I didn’t notice it at first. Let me know when to send you some more, we have plenty, meaning you and me! So sorry everyone else, but my supplier is out of stock😭


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