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I Heart My Dragons! Favorite Finished Object EVER. And, a Review of DROPS Air.

dragoncomplete4When you take the “softest and fluffiest yarn EVER” and combine it with the measurements from your favorite sweater and then throw in a couple of dragons… it’s REALLY hard to to wait for the finished project to manifest.

It feels like I’ve been working on the sweater forever, but looking back over my posts, it’s only been few weeks.  The anticipation has been brutal.

The end result is my favorite finished project that I’ve ever produced.  The sweater is soft, snuggly, warm and has a couple of dragons too!  Pure happiness is how I would describe my feelings about this sweater.

dragonbuttonsChoosing buttons that were worthy enough for my prized creation was not an easy task.  My preference is to take my project into the store and audition buttons.  However, the store with the best button selection (Joann Fabric around here) doesn’t carry enough cards of each button type to finish a sweater.  When you see the long aisle of buttons, it gives the false impression of ample selection.  But when you scratch the surface, you see that there’s usually only 3 to 6 buttons of any particular design.  I’d fall in love with a button and find that there were only 4 total buttons in the store- a stretch for the front of this sweater.

I finally settled on a silver filigree design with a shank.  There were only 6 buttons so I had to use a larger (but similar) button for the top.  You’d have to look very closely to notice.  And, I think folks will be too distracted by the glorious white creatures on the front to decide to inspect the buttons.

dragoncomplete3Along the way, I had to rip out the tops of all the sweater pieces because I mis-read my own directions and produced too-shallow of an armhole.  I also had to rip out the buttonhole band 4 times because my math for placement was wrong.  But, it did force me to come up with a new method for determining button placement that involves putting removable stitch markers where each buttonhole goes so I don’t have to rely on my own memory.  I cannot seem to watch TV and focus on knitting at the same time!

But I remind myself that with knitting comes frogging.  It’s inevitable.  And, I think it’s a good lesson and practice in patience for me.  Knitting forces me to take a deep breath, let it all roll off, and refocus.  I’m sure there’s another life lesson in there somewhere.

So, what was it like to knit with the “softest and fluffiest yarn EVER”?  It was awesome!  🙂  Because DROPS Air is a “blown” yarn and not a plied yarn, it weighs 30-35% less than conventional yarns which means this sweater feels light and fluffy.  Many of my sweaters weigh a ton but this one feels like wearing a cloud.  The yarn isn’t without it’s downsides, though.  It’s sticky and a bit difficult to frog.  Those alpaca hairs like to cling to each other and with the way that I seem to knit, frogging is a requirement.  However, it only required minimal scissor help to frog this yarn.  And, I was able to re-knit with the abused yarn.  This sweater consumed a total of 6 – 50g gray balls and a partial 50g white ball.   This yarn went a lot further than conventional 50g balls.

For my next project, I’m eyeballing the Hitchhiker shawl that many of my fellow knitting blogger friends have produced.  It looks like it would go very well with my hand-painted yarns and discourage color pooling.  While I mull over ideas for the next project, you know I’ll be ecstatically clad in a couple of white dragons.  🙂


45 thoughts on “I Heart My Dragons! Favorite Finished Object EVER. And, a Review of DROPS Air.”

    1. Thanks Missy!! I just cast on for the Hitchhiker shawl. So far it’s an easy to remember pattern. It’s shown with 150g but I’m working with 100g. I’m curious to see how far it takes me.


    1. Thanks!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who repeatedly frogs their work… Although, I don’t wish that on you! I’ve just accepted it as part of the process these days.


      1. I buy my buttons online! It’s the only way to get good buttons! Amazon is actually really good, you can see what many stores have. Knitpicks and Nordic Mart have a good selection too. Then thrift stores, I have bought clothing for a dollar just to get the buttons! It’s a great way to save money and not get yucky Wal-Mart plastic buttons!


  1. Such a lovely sweater. And can I just say how clever you are. I’m in awe of your knitting skills. I recently bought the Hitchhiker shawl and thought about using your yarns for it. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful colors knit up.


    1. Thanks Grace! 🙂 I just cast on for the Hitchhiker shawl. The pattern is shown with 150g… I’m curious how far my 100g hank will take it. I love it that you can stop at any point and still have a wearable item. I’m excited to see what you decide to do with your yarn! 🙂

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  2. Wow! That sweater looks great, and I am really, really impressed (OK, blown away) by how fast you can knit! I’m hard at work on another Hitchhiker myself, and I’m thinking that 100 g will go pretty far. I bought two skeins, and I’m planning on knitting 38-40 points on the Hitchhiker and then making socks out of the rest of the 2nd skein. 🙂

    I’m also casting on the alpaca half-finger mitts tonight. 🙂

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    1. Thanks!! 🙂 What a great idea for yarn usage. I do have a second hank of yarn available if 100g turns out to be too little… I might have to follow suit and extend this shawl and knit a pair of socks with the leftovers. Brilliant!

      I’m so excited that you are knitting the mitts! Alpaca will be heavenly!


  3. You’ve done such an amazing job with this cardigan! I love it! Often I see things other people have knitted and think that I’d like to have a go a something similar, but with your dragons… I WANT THAT ONE! THAT EXACT ONE! You’ve really done this yarn justice, and I still can’t believe you picked it based on my comments! 🙂

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    1. I’m so very, very glad that you reviewed the yarn because it resulted in my favorite sweater EVER!!! 🙂 I’ve posted the dragon charts a couple of days/weeks back… just insert them into your favorite sweater recipe and they can be all yours!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Becky!! I’m so happy with the way this one turned out. I’ve been wearing it daily. lol. But, I’m beginning to worry a little about how well the yarn is going to wear. It’s fluffiness is starting to felt a bit. I suppose it will look well-worn and well-loved more quickly than anticipated. I look forward to seeing your Steve and Waldo sweater too!!

      Hopefully, the storm is treating you well and you’re not buried alive. We’re due for some freezing rain and dangerous roads overnight. I’m not planning on leaving the house for a couple of days.

      Fantastic idea for buttons! There are a million thrift shops around here. I’m going to go button hunting!


  4. I love that last picture of you with your thumbs up!!! This is a fabulous finish and you always inspire me to pick those needles up and make something, I just don’t have your stamina 😉 but I enjoy living vicariously through you with every post! 🙂

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  7. Stitch Boom Bang just told me about this; I missed it back in Feb. What a totally cool project. I assume you designed the dragon motif yourself? Clearly the sweater was all you. Love it!


    1. Awwww- thanks!! I modified a dragon that I found on Pinterest to fit on a sweater front and used the measurements on a store-bought sweater to make this. It’s definitely my favorite FO so far. 🙂

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