Feeling the Love! Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

projectbag4Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  Before I get to my project update, I want to share some very sweet surprises that have happened for my little Etsy shop this week.  One of my yarns, Heartthrob,  was featured on Little Woollie’s blog!  A huge honor!  I didn’t even know it was featured until Jennifer from Knitterly Arts posted a pic to my Instagram page!  (You should check out Jennifer’s page!  She’s added some amazing knitting art to her blog and Etsy shop!)

The other surprise was that Holland Handmade featured my yarns on her podcast!  The lady behind Holland Handmade is Erin, a fellow knitter and enthusiast of all sorts of crafting.  She’s started a knitting podcast, a ravelry knitting group and also has her own Etsy shop where she sells beautiful and quality project bags at great prices.  Sometimes it’s really nice to sit and knit and watch knitting podcasts!  (You can see my dragon sweater piece peeking out of my Holland Handmade bag above- only $15!)  My bag is the size medium but she offers a small size that is perfect for sock projects.

Some more beauty shots of my new bag.  I’m definitely going to buy a few more.  I love that these bags close fast with a drawstring, are super roomy and can be easily shoved into a purse.  Did I mention that they are reversible too?

projectbag3projectbag2projectbagI’ve been slowly but steadily working on my dragon sweater.  I’m on the last sleeve and then it’s a matter of seaming and adding the final ribbing and button band.  I cannot wait to get it finished and wear my two dragons, Steve and Waldo!  🙂

miniDid you know about mini-skeins?  I received a special request for some through my Etsy shop and decided to give it a try.  People who are working on scrappy projects love these things.  I’ve never come across them in my LYS so I didn’t know there was a demand for them.  But, they are about the cutest things ever!

To accommodate the request, I didn’t want to cut into my existing yarns, so I cut up a bare hank into 9 50-yard pieces and then dyed each piece a different way.  It was a lot of fun to work in miniature and wind up these tiny hanks of yarn.  I’m thinking about adding some sets to my shop.

Well, I’m off to *hopefully* finish my last sweater sleeve!  🙂

14 thoughts on “Feeling the Love! Happy Early Valentine’s Day!”

  1. I am soooo happy to hear that your yarns and shop are gettin’ some love these days! It is so well deserved! And thank you for the mention here! You are too kind! Happy Valentine’s to you Andre Sue!


  2. Yeah! You named him Waldo, I am honored! I love the mini skeins, but you know that! Better put them in the shop for me! And what a great price for the bag, it looks really well made and the fabric is really pretty. I can’t believe that she sells them for only $15.00! And, your yarn is very popular here. Today my friend’s five year old daughter came to visit me and I was making her a bracelet. Out of all the yarn, and I have a ton, she chose the little ball of greens that you gave to me. She thinks it’s the most beautiful of them all!

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    1. I’m smitten with my new bag. And I agree that it’s an amazing price! Her small bags are only $12!

      That is so sweet that she picked one of my yarns out of your entire stash! One of these days you’ll have to post a stash pic so we can admire the hoard! 🙂


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