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My Dragon Wings Are Being Eaten by the Underarm!

dragonwingThere’s always some kind of snag when it comes to knitting.  For my latest sweater, I neglected to take the underarm curve into consideration when planning the placement of the dragon.  I didn’t realize this until the wing stitches were being consumed alive by the underarm decreases.

dragonwing2I’m going to have to rip back about 20 rows and but the wing is redesigned.  The new wing still looks pretty good and it will follow the curve of the underarm somewhat.

Speaking of underarms, I’m noticing that for a set-in sleeve to fit the curve of my body, the conventional bind off and every-other-row (EOR) decreases just aren’t cutting it.  My last sweater had so many stitches to decrease at the underarm that the underarm curve went up about 3 inches and looked a little strange with the EOR decrease approach.  Plus, this became a problem with designing my sleeve cap to match because I didn’t need to reduce so many stitches in the sleeve.  Using my store-bought sweater measurements, I’m finding that I have the same problem!  In order to match the shape of the store-bought, I must decrease every single row or do a double decrease every-other-row.  Here’s a close up of the EOR double decrease approach.

dragoncurve  Since I love my store-bought sweater, I’m going to trust the measurements taken from it and just ignore convention.  I really, really want this sweater to be a perfect fit.  The yarn is scrumptious and I just love the dragons.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

18 thoughts on “My Dragon Wings Are Being Eaten by the Underarm!”

  1. Throw out the rules! Make your own! I have done plenty of decreases on every row and they turn out just fine. I love your Dragon! I kind of liked the way the wing was going, but the redesign looks excellent also. You know I would have done it top down in the round with the top of the wing carried out onto the sleeve! I love to make things difficult, don’t I? That yarn is looking good too, I found it at Nordic Mart online in the states so I May need to give it a try…

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    1. It makes my head hurt just thinking about the planning required to get the dragon wing to line up perfectly across the sleeve! Lol. But, I know you could do it!

      It’s good to know i can get the yarn in the US if necessary. I hope i have enough of the grey. It’s an interesting yarn. It’s a different kind of soft than merino. More like a cloud or cotton ball but super light.


  2. Dragons!!! Fabulous!! This is fantastic and I can’t wait to see how it looks when you’re done. It took me a while to figure out that most patterns don’t finish to fit my body well. I have to make alterations and hope for the best until I’m more experienced. I can’t wait to learn how to add designs like the dragon to my pieces. I’m just starting with easy shapes like squares and triangles now. Looking forward to the finale. 😊

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    1. Thanks!! 🙂 If you are adding shapes, you will be able to add other motifs quickly. I also work on my projects with my fingers crossed hoping they will turn out the way I envisioned. 🙂

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