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Bad Ass Dragon Sweater- The Beginnings

dragon sweater designAfter taking measurements from a favorite store-bought sweater and ordering “the softest and fluffiest yarn ever,” I’ve finally settled on a motif – dragons!  I wanted something to wander up the front of the sweater but didn’t really want anything floral or too sweet.  This is where Pinterest comes in really handy!  I’ve been collecting intarsia and color-stranded patterns there and browsed through them to find this lovely cross stitch dragon.  He was pinned from so I have no idea to whom I should attribute this gorgeous artwork, unfortunately.  This dragon was way too large to fit my sweater so I started free-handing on knitting paper in a rectangle that would fit my sweater front.

firstdragonMy first attempt produced a dragon that had a lot of line and little fill.  I was afraid that with the super fluffy yarn, he would get lost and he would look like scribbles on the sweater front.  So, I filled him in and came up with a more solid dragon that I’m now using in the sweater.  I think this new design can overcome the fluffy yarn, still be seen, and the eye can tell it’s a dragon.  If I were more confident in my sleeve-cap design abilities, I would write up a pattern in multiple sizes to share.  However, I’m not confident in designing with the set-in sleeve but please feel free to use the dragon chart in your own favorite sweater recipe!dragonsmall  (Of course, for personal use only, please.)

I’ve run my numbers and have cast on for this thing.  I’m super excited!  Dragons plus the shape of my favorite sweater plus the “softest and fluffiest yarn ever” should equal one bad ass sweater!  Maybe it’ll be done in time for the premier of Game of Thrones?!?  dragon half

I’m using a mix of color-stranding techniques and intarsia techniques.  I’ve never had to do this before but it seems to be working out.  There’s only one or two strange-ish stitches on the front that I think I can live with.

Below, there’s a peek at the back:dragon back Anyone else had to knit with a mix of these two techniques before?  And, because I’m not sure how much yarn to cut for my intarsia yarn butterflies, I’ve just left the whole ball of yarn hanging off the back.  This slows me down a bit because I untwist the lot of them each row.  Maybe I should just cut them and add new as necessary.  That would probably be much more efficient.

Here’s a close up of the sweater piece.  You can definitely get a feel for the fluffiness of the yarn.  And, you can see my little gnome helpers!  They are available in my Etsy shop, if you’d like some for yourself.  They really are a delight to knit with!  I love them._MG_6209

22 thoughts on “Bad Ass Dragon Sweater- The Beginnings”

  1. Your sweater looks amazing, the dragons are a great idea! I have actually knit with the mix of instarsia and stranded colourwork a few times before. I don’t think that the length of your butterflies really matters much, I found that as long as you don’t get lazy with the twisting for instarsia or longish floats it will turn out well.

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    1. Hmmm. That’s a good question! It’s very light and probably breathable. But, with it made mostly from alpaca, it’s also probably really warm. I won’t know until I can finish this thing and wear it. It’s so so fluffy! I asked my daughter to retrieve a new ball of it for me and she didn’t want to relinquish it. She said she wanted to keep holding it because it was so soft and wonderful.

      I read another blogger’s review of this yarn and also had a terrible case of the wantsies which is how I ended up ordering a ton of this stuff. 🙂 The only place I could find it was from stores in the UK but it still got here pretty quick. I think the thing I like most about it is how much lighter it is than regular yarn. Sometimes it’s surprising how much a sweater can weigh when it’s finished. This one should weigh a lot less! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’m excited about this sweater. Fingers crossed that it works out the way I’m envisioning!

      And, I did make the markers. I actually sell them in my Etsy shop. I’ve got a variety of different types of markers but the gnomes are my favorites. They are just such cute, colorful little fellows that make me happy to look at! 🙂


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