The Ugly Sweater Finally Has Pieces

stripedpiecesWorking out of my stash with fingering-weight yarn held double, I’ve finally got all of the sweater body pieces off my needles.  The stripes are purposefully mismatched to add to the overall ridiculousness of the sweater.  I’m going for over-the-top garish on this one.  I hope I’ll actually wear it when it’s finished.  🙂

It looks like there won’t be enough purple left to knit the collar and cuffs.  Perhaps red would make the next best option?  Or, maybe the collar and cuffs should be different colors?  And, I think I’ll be picking up the stitches around the sleeve and knitting it in place instead of knitting separately and seaming into place.

stripedzipA purple zipper is in transit to my house but I found a red zipper at the craft store last night.  Now that I’ve got the red zipper next to my sweater, I’m leaning towards purple.  But, it’s still nice to have options.

On another note, I’m trying to work out of my stash to get it down to a manageable size.  So, as I was browsing the long list of knitting blogs that I follow, a review of Drops Air came to my attention.  It was described as the “FLUFFIEST SOFTEST YARN EVER” – emphasis not mine.  You can read the review over at bamcrafts.com.  But read at your own risk.  I just placed an order for some of the yarn.  Soft and fluffy are my weaknesses, it turns out.  I apologize to all the yarn currently in my stash for their crowded living conditions.  It’s just going to get worse, unfortunately.

If you are interested in giveaways, another fellow blogger, whilewalkingmydogs.com, is running a card giveaway.  For 31 days, if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win her card of the day.  The cards are all handmade and she even shows you how she made them.  I recently won a card.  (Thank you Grace!)

Just for fun, here are a couple more beauty shots of my WIP.


16 thoughts on “The Ugly Sweater Finally Has Pieces”

  1. Glad you liked the review, but I did giggle at the typo (it’s bamcrafts.com not barncrafts). For a second I was wondering what the odds were that someone else had posted a review of the same yarn on the same day… but then my brain caught up! 🙂 Love your sweater and I can’t even refer to it as ugly. Love the stripes!

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    1. It took me a bit of deep breathing to actually press the “order” button this morning because my stash is already ridiculous. But after I ordered the yarn, I went on ravelry.com to read further reviews. One knitter said, “All I can say is that this yarn is such a girly fluffy pink dream it’s ridiculous.” I cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff!

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  2. Andre, no such thing as a stash that is too big! Just call it a hoard like mine! And you should have told me that you were making an ugly sweater! You could have had the ancient arts I just suffered through!


    1. I love that you call it a hoard! It’s actually what mine has become but I might be in denial. 🙂

      Isn’t the ancient arts that yarn you described as sandpaper? Did it knit up softer than when it was in the skein? It turned out beautifully. And so darned fast!


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