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Embracing Intarsia: It’s Easier than You’d Think

BlogIlluminati2With only one intarsia project under my belt, I was worried about my latest project which incorporates a large intarsia panel in front.  The intarsia-in-the-round technique that I used previously gave me wonky stitches and it was difficult for me to manage my yarns.  Plus, intarsia-in-the-round still requires back-and-forth knitting so you don’t even avoid all that purling!

My approach with this design is to knit in the round until the intarsia panel.  Then, I begin knitting flat while casting on 2 edge stitches for a seam.  When the sweater is finished, I just have one small side seam to zip up.  Easy peasy- or at least that’s what I’m hoping.  So far, so good!

ButterfliesInstead of bobbins, I’m using “yarn butterflies” that take about 30 seconds to make.  They weigh almost nothing and aren’t even that tangle-y.

For those that are newbies to intarsia (like myself) the only major rule to remember as you switch from yarn to yarn is “old over new”.  If you cross your old yarn over your new yarn as you move along then your yarns will “link” and you won’t have holes in your knitting.  If you forget to cross your yarns, you will definitely get holes.

Just for fun, here’s a gratuitous pic of my newest stitch markers.  I’m in love with these little dragons.  🙂


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