Knitting in Public: Is it Possible?

skewtooAs is usual with motherhood, my life is sometimes dominated by the activities of my children.  I’ve spend the past couple of days in another city watching a robotics competition for my oldest child.  There’s another Skew sock on my needles in a crazy rainbow colorway.  I really, really tried to make progress on the sock while sitting in the stands!  But it was impossible to knit, watch the competition, and talk to the other parents while reading the pattern instructions.  I just couldn’t pull it off.

gravityfallsMy plan was to finish this pair of socks before returning home to find my box of yarn from Knit Picks for the Bill Cipher sweater that my daughter requested.  I’m really looking forward to designing this latest sweater which will incorporate at least one new-to-me knitting technique.cipheryarnI’m going to try to enjoy knitting the socks while mulling over ideas for the sweater.  It’s tempting to put the socks away and move onto the sweater but it makes me crazy to have multiple projects going on at once.  I envy others who can have 15 projects going and not give it a second thought.  It makes me break out into a sweat just contemplating it.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Knitting in Public: Is it Possible?”

  1. I possibly have several projects on the needles that started out as good intentions or experiments. I went to a new yarn store that is THREE hours from where I live on Thursday. (I had reason to go to that town that did not involve yarnage, and yet.) I bought some sale stuff that I will list on Etsy, but I can’t stop looking at and dreaming about all this yarn. I actually paid full price for some Swans Island for a hat. ‘Cause it was my birthday money that needed to be spent.

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    1. It’s hard to have so many beautiful yarns with so many possibilities and such little time. I love going to a new LYS whenever we travel. I rarely run into a great sale though. That’s awesome! I hope you post pics of your hat on your blog. 🙂


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