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2 Frisky Reindeer and an All-Seeing Eyeball

RomanticReindeer5The latest romantic reindeer hat is off the needles and packed neatly into a gift box for Christmas.  All of my obligatory holiday knitting has been completed ahead of schedule and I am free to move on to other projects.  It helps that throughout the year, I keep a box of finished objects that can be gifted.  Although, some of my knitting is planned and purposefully chosen for an intended recipient.  🙂

gravityfallsAs you know, my daughter brought me a sketch of a sweater she really wants me to knit for her based on the show, Gravity Falls.  The yarn has been ordered but since the big sale week at Knit Picks, order fulfillment is delayed and my yarn won’t be here until the end of the week.  😦  I’ve collected her measurements and decided on a pieced sweater to make the intarsia easier.  I’ve been sketching out the layout and shape with measurements, but without a gauge swatch or yarn, I’m at a standstill.designFor the bricks at the bottom of the sleeves and sweater body, I was thinking of using a technique I found on pinterest that originates from  It involves purl stitches and crocheting the colorwork up the line of purl stitches.  This would make life much easier than attempting to color-strand the bricks.  Has anyone used this technique before?

In the meantime, I think I’ll cast on for another pair of skew with a crazy rainbow handpainted yarn!  They should be done just in time for the Gravity Falls sweater yarn to arrive.  🙂

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