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No More White Yarns!

sockdye4My kids got into the yarn painting madness with me this week.  All my dyeing gear was brought out to the back yard and we had a great time mixing colors and trying out some new dyes like “hot fuchsia” and “chartreuse”.  They were very pleased with the results of their efforts and I’m sure I’ll be asked to knit some socks, hats or mittens from their color creations!  🙂  Many of my creations are available in my Etsy shop.SockGroup

gravityfallsI cannot wait to get my needles into some of these crazy color combos.  However, I’ve got a sweater request that needs to be fulfilled first.  My oldest child brought me a sketch and asked if I could possibly create a sweater from it.  It’s based on a character from an animated show.  The yarn has been ordered and I’m mulling over ideas on how to make this thing.  Intarsia will be needed.  I’m thinking that a top-down seamless approach would be nice but maybe a seamed approach would make the intarsia easier.  We chose an acrylic yarn because of the color selection and ease of care.  It’ll be my first acrylic sweater.  I hope I don’t hate knitting with the acrylic because there’s going to be a lot of stitches in this sweater!

reindeer2In the meantime, there’s another romantic reindeer hat on my needles for a Christmas gift that needs about another hour or two before it’s finished.  This one is in a worsted weight yarn with 3 repeats of the pattern. 🙂

Some of my new sock yarns have made it into my Etsy shop.  And recently some handmade stitch markers have been added. Generally, my jewelry making is reserved for gifts but I founds some great beads for stitch markers for larger-gauge projects. These rings and beads would be too bulky for sock yarn projects but great for worsted or bulky projects.BirdMarkers


10 thoughts on “No More White Yarns!”

  1. Great cheerful colours in your yarns. It always seems a bit of a mystery to me how these messy looking dye bath procedures turn into such lovely hanks. 🙂

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  2. Astonishingly beautiful colors. Your yarn dying skills are phenomenal. It’s wonderful when your kids work with you on projects that you love. It makes for really great memories for you and for them in the future. I so adore the skull stitch marker. I have those turquoise skulls in white. I was making earrings and bracelets out of them. Thank you for sharing. 💚🌟

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