A Free Sock Pattern Everyone Should Know About

skew4skew2There’s a particular sock pattern that is at the tippy-top of my “all-time favorite knitting patterns” list.  I became aware of this new approach to sock making after knitting dozens of socks with very traditional approaches.  Sock knitting was becoming stale and Skew was such a breath of fresh air.  It all begins with Judy’s Magic Cast On and only 12 stitches.  And, it’s free on  I’m pretty sure the designer, , is a genius.

The architecture of the sock is unlike any other that I’ve made.  It fits my foot perfectly and I love the look of the stitching up the side of the leg.  Wearing them makes me happy.  🙂

My latest pair is made with a self-striping sock yarn.  I think this pattern would also work beautifully with a hand-painted yarn, too.  I’m envisioning a black, grey and chartreuse colorway.  It’s fortunate that a box of bare sock yarn arrived on my doorstep today.  It’s also fortunate that it’s supposed to be warm and rain-less tomorrow, perfect for backyard dyeing!


9 thoughts on “A Free Sock Pattern Everyone Should Know About”

  1. Ooh lovely!!! I love the color. Hubby told me the other day to start making a b-day wish list at Knit Picks. I’m going to have to try socks again. It’s been years. 🙂

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    1. Thanks!!

      You’ve got a very sweet and smart hubby there! Many of my bday gifts have come from Knit Picks, too. 🙂 They’ve got a new sock yarn, Hawthorne, that I haven’t tried yet but it looks amazing.


      1. His motto is a happy wife is a happy life. Apparently yarn and knitting accessories equals happiness…. or maybe he’s really worried about having a bored wife!


  2. I thought this was cool until I read that there’s a left and a right sock. Since I usually just grab random odd ones out of my drawer, not for me – I’m not even sure I’d make it for knitting second sock in a pair anyway. And what if you’re only a size 5?


    1. No second sock? That’s awesome! Yeah. I can see why these wouldn’t work for you. 🙂

      I suppose the only solution for tiny feet would be to move down a needle size or two?


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