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Knit a Hat He Will Love

RomanticReindeer3My hubby has been wanting this hat for YEARS.  It seems strange that it’s taken me so long to finally produce this quick knit, but for some reason it just kept getting putting on the back burner.  I was going to surprise him on Christmas with the hat but I just didn’t have the heart to withhold it for another month.

The design is based on a free color-stranded chart on Ravelry called “Fornicating Reindeer” by Anne Rutten and the shaping of the crown is based on another free pattern on Ravelry called “Turn a Square” by Jared Flood.

If you are interested in creating one of these romantic hats for yourself, it’s made on size 4 circular needles with fingering weight yarn.  I’ve used Knit Picks palette in colors Wallaby and Mist.  Cast on 128 stitches and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist.  Work 2×2 rib for 2.5 – 3 inches.  Work one round in background color then begin working Reindeer Chart.  I worked the chart until the top of the antlers and then began working the crown shaping with only the background color.

Hubby hasn’t worn this out in public yet.  I’m curious to see if anyone even notices the non-traditional reindeer motif on top of his head when he does venture out. 🙂


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