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Nautty Boy is Off the Needles

NauttyBoy2I wish I had a baby around to model my newest project.  The intended recipient, my nephew, Nautas, lives over a thousand miles away in Texas.  I’m going to have to wait until after Christmas to post pics with a baby inside this sweater.  :/

This was created with worsted-weight, hand-dyed yarn on size 5 needles from the top-down in one piece.  It’s knit back and forth until the end of the button band and then joined in the round and knit down to the bottom.  Sand stitch was used on the front and back and the sleeves are  in stockinette.  Fortunately, I had these beautiful wooden buttons already in my stash so I didn’t have to make an emergency run to the craft store to finish this thing.

Usually, I post a free pattern of my project but I’m playing with idea of offering this one for sale on ravelry.  A considerable amount of work goes into the math and pattern writing.  I’m always happy to share with others but I’m curious to find out if I can raise a few dollars to put back into my little blog and fund my hobby.

NauttyBoy5My other sibling just found out he’s expecting his first child so I’ve cast on for another one of these in a *hopefully* gender-neutral colorway since we won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until after Christmas.  It’s in another hand-dyed yarn from my recent dying adventures.  This colorway is one of my favorites even though it wasn’t exactly what I was going for at the time.  The dye and yarn seem to do what they want without my permission and the results are surprising.  I cannot wait to dye yarn again!


14 thoughts on “Nautty Boy is Off the Needles”

      1. Oh goodness thank you. I’ve never had the opportunity to do a test knit before. I’d love to test it out for you.


      2. Thank you so much!!! I just got it open now I need to finish up my current project so I can cast on. Almost done. Thanks again.

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