New One Skein Wonders

mitt2I’m still working on using up my hand-painted worsted-weight yarns.  Each mismatched ball of yarn really needs to become its own project.  Hats, socks and mittens come to mind when I think “one-skein wonders”.  I’ve knitted hats and socks.  It’s time for some mitts!

My daughter requested fingerless mitts with each finger separately wrapped with its own little finger hole.  Not a problem!  Except that I’m creating my own pattern as I go along and it turns out that the mitt was too long in the hand.  Instead of tearing it all out, I opted for “mitt surgery”.  The last time I cut into my knitting, it was to lengthen a sock foot.  This time I am removing yarn to shorted the length of the mitt.mitt3And, now it fits!  It only took about 20 minutes to complete this surgery.  Much, much faster than tearing out each finger and getting back to the palm of the mitt!mittEveryone seems to love the color combo of this yarn but no one wants to actually wear it.  After I’ve completed the second mitt, I’m going to over-dye these with a grey or navy to tone them down.  And, I’m taking notes along the way to modify for a pattern release.  The plain stockinette needs sprucing up a bit and the fingers need some adjusting.  Maybe the pinkie finger needs to be shortened?

5 thoughts on “New One Skein Wonders”

    1. Cutting into your knitting seems like craziness but I’ve found that it is very, very useful! It’s saved me a ton of time from ripping and re-knitting. At least your son has a spare mitt in case he loses one! 🙂


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