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Lace Edgings

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How does one add lacy ruffles to a sleeve?  That was the question I’ve been trying to answer this week.  And, having reached the end of one sleeve on the shrug I’m working on, it became very pressing to find a solution!

I’ve stumbled across a technique on that adds a lace edging to live stitches at a 90 degree angle.  It looks beautiful!  And there’s a collection of lace edging patterns for free found here.  After studying the tutorial and picking a lace edging, I knitted up a couple of samples and was ready to give this a go on my live sleeve stitches.

Why I couldn’t quite get the hang of it, I don’t know.  But knitting back and forth at a right angle into the needle in the sleeve was so irritating!  And slow!  And awkward!

At the peak of my frustration, I remembered a small book of crocheted edgings that I have in my knitting library.  I’m not a crocheter (yet) and it required a bit of googling to figure out what a SC and DC even were.  But, I did figure it out and the crocheted edging was actually fun to produce!  And, the future recipient of this garment approved of my choice.

There’s 6 days left until this shrug is need for Halloween night.  I’m currently crocheting the border around the neck/back opening and have 1/2 a sleeve to finish.  I think it will get done in time!  🙂

laceedginglaceedging2On another note, my animals LOVE the t-shirt rug.tshirtrugenjoyed

10 thoughts on “Lace Edgings”

  1. I love it! Every knitter should learn to crochet, I actually have been crocheting since I was a kid and finally learned to knit about 18 months ago. But for finishing, I still crochet most of my borders, edges, and seams. Much easier and neater than sewing. Another way to knit a ruffled edge is to do a rapid increase, double or triple the amount of stitches on the row you want to start. Then pick any lace pattern that you like, knit a few rows and bind off loosely. Or if it is the cast on row, just do the opposite, cast on the extra, work your lace, then rapid decrease in one row. But yours is really beautiful, I am glad you found that book. It has opened up a door to a new world of possibilities Andresue!

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      1. Q – It is! I followed Curls tutorial on a shawl that I knit for my s-i-l instead of the recommended pick up the jillion stitches. It was quick and painless. LOL!


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