Back to the Drawing Board- Day of the Dead Shrug

design1diademuerto2If you’ve read my previous post, you know I have grand plans of a lovely little black shrug for my daughter to wear over her Day of the Dead dress on Halloween.  But when I was laying out the design for the shrug, it didn’t occur to me that I would need something to hold the shrug up- like shoulders!  After knitting a third of one sleeve and trying it on her to make sure it fit, it became clear that this thing would never stay on her body.  *Smacking forehead*  So, back to the drawing board!

design2As I began sketching out the shape of this thing and over-complicating matters with short rows and a provisional cast on, it dawned on me that the shape I wanted was a simple raglan- a cropped raglan cardigan that omitted the increases in the front.  Super simple.  But now I’ve wasted 2 days so using a fingering weight yarn is now out.  I’m going to hold the yarn double so it knits up in time.  I may add lace at the ends with a single strand of fingering weight yarn to give her the look that she initially wanted.  Maybe it won’t look strange?

The newest iteration of the shrug is now on my needles.  I’m hopeful I can get this project completed by Halloween- in 9 days!  This project is going with me everywhere- even to the dentist office.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t mess this thing up again.  There are not enough days left for “third time’s a charm”.  🙂publicknitting

3 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board- Day of the Dead Shrug”

  1. You will have it done, that I am sure of! Moms have been last minute costume finishing since people first discovered costumes! So, combining your “mom” and “knitting” super powers you will be able to get that and an extra done just in case.

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