Secret Life of Yarn- Well, My Yarn Anyways

yarnlifemoustachedI’m reaching the end of a cake of yellow yarn that has been in my stash for ages (years).  It’s got me thinking about where this particular ball of yarn has been and what it has become and why I keep all those tiny bits of beautiful yarn lingering about my house.
Edward1frogfeetblue2Several years ago, this yellow yarn came into my stash as a 100g hank of superwash sock yarn.  It’s first use was in some moustached cat socks.  Then it sat untouched until a couple of months ago when it was used for the striped legs of Edward the Butt Monster.  It’s currently being employed in my Frog Feet scarf.  It’s likely that after Frog Feet, there will remain still a small ball of yellow yarn to put to good use somewhere.

yarnlifescarfWhen I first started knitting, socks were my passion. I have dozens of hand-knitted socks stuffed in dresser drawers.  But, I just couldn’t throw away all the beautiful bits of mis-matched sock yarn so I decided to knit a zig-zag scarf out of all the superwash remains.  It’s probably my favorite scarf because it reminds me of all those lovely socks.  It’s going to be even harder to get rid of the remains of my recently created hand-dyed yarns.  🙂  Am I the only one who has trouble parting with these little pieces of fiber art?!?handdye2

9 thoughts on “Secret Life of Yarn- Well, My Yarn Anyways”

  1. I just started a new sock leftovers blankie. I knit one of flat hexagons about 5 yrs ago. I love that blanket for all the memories of past projects for the people I love in it.
    the new blanket is sock leftovers crocheted into grannie squares and is so much fun to work on. in fact I showed my daughter how to crochet, sent her home with some of my leftovers and she did a bunch of squares for me to add to the blanket. won’t she be surprised when she gets the finished blanket for X-mas this year ; )

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