color stranded, sweaters


HighScoreComplete6Another bottom-up, fingering-weight, color-stranded, adult-sized sweater has been completed!!!  I’m not interested in another one of these tedious projects for a while.

Credit goes to a space invaders chart on for the inspiration for the sweater.  (There were also some really cute space invaders socks on a few years back that come to mind.)

I used duplicate stitch to add the player score on the chest.  I’m not thrilled about the shape of the neckline and maybe sometime in the future I’ll feel the urge to rip it out and reknit the thing but not today.  As I was knitting it, I thought the collar seemed off but I kept knitting.  The desire to finish this project and get it off my needles was just too overwhelming.  HighScoreComplete4

Gauge was not an issue after blocking.  Yay!  Although, I must admit I was worried about it as I went along.  As usual, the sweater grew a couple of inches after its bath.

I’m not sure what’s going to be next on the needles.  My mom flies into town tomorrow for a visit so maybe I’ll take a few days off from knitting.  Although, there’s a very intriguing pattern that is new to called Fox Paws that I’m interested in trying.  🙂

Fox Paws

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