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The Start of a New Design

HighScoreDesignAs Edward, the butt monster, was taking shape, ideas for the next project were swirling in my mind.  Color-stranding is the current obsession and an adult-sized sweater was a requirement.  Browsing through my collection of patterns and inspiration projects on my Pinterest boards, I decided that something very contrast-y and retro was what I wanted.

My hubby’s favorite t-shirt has PacMan chasing ghosts across the front but I had seen some space invaders gear that was adorable.  So, I found a screen shot of the game and re-created the aliens in Excel and then took the whole thing into Photoshop to play with placement and color.

The goal is to make this a uni-sex over-sized sweater so that I can share with the hubby.  He says the pink is just fine with him!  lol.  That means a standard v-neck or crew neck is appropriate.

HighScoreSwatchThe yarn was ordered (Knit Picks Palette) and I’ve got the swatch to start my measurements.  Because the sweater is going to fade from plain stockinette into color-stranded sections, I’d imagine the rows-per-inch will be different with the different type of knitting.  My swatch isn’t really big enough to detect a difference so I’ll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.

HighScoreChartWith my swatch measurements in hand and my body measurements in mind, I’m ready to cast on.  This one is going to be knit a little tighter (I’ve changed the way I hold my yarn to remedy the too-loose knitting problem) and my swatch is giving me 7.75 spi and 9.5 rpi on average.

As luck would have it, 7 repeats of the chart gives me the perfect sweater circumference!  Yay for that!!

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