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Meet Edward- He once lived in my stash

Edward1The butt monster pants have been completed and my sister has named them Edward.  They were made from a free pattern on ravelry.  The link:

It turnsNautas out that when I knit, I prefer to have only a basic plan and make things up as I go.  It keeps things interesting.  When I have to follow a pattern that includes miles of fingering-weight stockinette, it’s BORING.  However, Edward did consume some random leftovers of superwash wool that I had tucked away in my stash.  He’s a great stash buster.  And, he is kinda cute.  I can’t wait to get pics of a baby actually wearing him.   Last night, I received a pic of my nephew in the Baby Bad Ass sweater I sent.  So darned cute!  I wish he lived closer so I could spoil him rotten.

Speaking of stashes, I have recently sorted and cleared mine out.  I had yarn that I bought because it was on super clearance that I just didn’t like.  I had lone balls of yarn that I couldn’t figure out what to do with.  I had yarn that was from frogged sweaters that was looking rough.  Recently, a fellow knitter/crocheter crossed my path and she was happy to take the yarn of my hands.  It’s a good feeling to know that the yarn will not go to waste and I no longer have to figure out where to stuff it away.

yarn stashMy entire stash now fits into a cabinet at the end of the hall.  I’ve put paper on the windows so no one has to know about my obsessive purchases when the doors are closed.  And, now that it’s organized and it all fits in one place, I feel like its safe to share a pic.  There are so many possibilities tucked away in there!

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