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It Sort-of Fits

skeletonSm2Well, after all of that worrying and fretting, I think I have a wearable sweater.  It’s far more body-hugging than I was aiming for but I think it might be passable.  My kids and hubby swear that it looks nice.  But, I don’t think they’d have the heart to tell me if it didn’t.

I ended up tearing out the original collar and re-knitting it to include decreases at the shoulders to help it lay flat.  I also made it a bit wider to match the cuffs and bottom ribbing.  Overall, I’m pleased with the way the project turned out but I still wish I had done one more pattern repeat to give myself a little ease.

The huge lesson with this sweater: Wool swatches will shrink over time so make sure that sucker has a couple of days to fluff up so I get an accurate gauge measurement! 

skeletonSm3As much as I hate pictures of myself, I’m including a couple to give a better feel for the sweater fit.  It’s about 1/2 inch of negative ease in the bust, and an inch of negative ease in the hips.  It’s too small for hubby after all so I don’t know what to do with this thing if I don’t wear it. 

While I’m waiting on yarn for my space invaders sweater, I’ve cast on for a pair of monster-butt pants for my nephew.  My sister requested them.  I really need to teacher her how to knit one of these days!  lol.  But, it’s nice to have people that appreciate my hard work.  She knows how to crochet so maybe I’ll have to work in a trade… hmmm…skeletonSm



16 thoughts on “It Sort-of Fits”

    1. Thanks!!! Yeah, color-work is addictive. It’s my current favorite type of knitting even though it’s way too hot to wear wool! And, it’s sort of too hot to really be knitting with a heavy wool sweater in my lap. 🙂


  1. Love the colours and it looks so nice. I know what you mean when you take all that time to make something for yourself and not knowing whether it is going to fit or not and what it will look like. You’ve done well.


    1. Thanks!! Yeah, sweaters are the most stressful things to knit because fit is so important and they take so darned long to knit! Even with a pattern and a swatch, I never really know until the thing is done whether I’m going to like it… and yet, we still keep doing it! lol.


  2. Well, maybe you can believe a total stranger who says: This is awesome work! I think it looks like something from Benetton. The colourway is so pretty and the sweater looks totally store-bought, the fabric is so even and nice! Amazing what you can do with your own two hands.
    It also seems to fit very well. I am not a fair isle expert, but I like those styles to be rather form-fitting. And you can definitely afford to wear negative ease!

    Keep up the lovely work,


    1. Thanks Kathi! I really appreciate your kind words for my sweater! 🙂 I agree, it is amazing what we can do with our own two hands. And, I’m starting to think I’ll actually wear this when the weather cools down- waaay down. I was sweating when wearing it for a couple of minutes for pictures. I don’t think a jacket will be required if I’ve got this on in the dead of winter. lol.


  3. That is gorgeous! I’m about to start my first ever adult garment and I think this is my biggest worry. That I would spend all this time working on a cardigan that then wouldn’t fit or wouldn’t suit. From the photos I think yours fits great!


  4. This is beautiful! I do understand re the fretting and nervous blocking but you should be really happy with the result, gorgeous. I’m in a middle of vintage sweater which I really hope turns out as it should. I want to be able to proudly wear it. (I may have said this before, but I do fear colourwork somewhat).


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