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It’s Blocking!!!

beforeblockI don’t know how many hours I have spent this month knitting on my fair isle sweater without knowing if it’ll actually fit.  My swatch seemed to change size several times and the sweater tube that I was producing seemed awfully small.

The number of inches that I was aiming for was 40-41 inches around.  As you can see in this picture, what I was producing was 33-34 inches.  HUGE difference.  I hoped the entire month that it would work out when it was blocked.  So, I found out today!

afterblockAfter a short bath in the kitchen sink, I laid out my wet sweater.  It’s a close call.  I have to admit that I blocked this thing a little more aggressively than usual, and I’m pretty close on the numbers.  It’s almost 40 inches across.  It will be an exact fit across the fullest part of the bust (no ease) but room along the rest of the sweater body.  That shouldn’t be too bad.  I guess I’ll know in a couple of days when this thing is dry.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

At least I’ve gained some experience and practical knowledge for my next sweater.  I’ve already planned out the design and ordered the yarn.  It will definitely show off my age as it’s got a space invaders motif.  I’ve seen some space invaders knits on and I’ve coveted them.  I can’t wait to have my own. 

Just for fun, here are some glamor shots of the soaking and steeking:

steek2 steek soakafterblock2

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