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Raglan Decreases- in Pictures

Skeleton Key Fair Isle with Prominent Ridge (sl 2 tog kwise, k1, p2sso)

The arms are now joined to the body of the sweater and I’ve remember that 2 circular needles going from mid-arm to mid-arm make it much less tight when knitting through those initial sleeve stitches after the join.  I wish I would’ve remembered that when I was knitting the baby skull sweater!

I’ve decided to give a new raglan decrease a try.  It’s called a Prominent Ridge in my “Handy Book of Sweater Patterns”.  Basically its: sl 2 tog kwise, k1, p2sso.  It makes a very visible single column ridge at the seam.

Bad Ass Baby with Gored Seam (k2tog, ssk)

I think I like it better than my standard raglan decrease which is k2tog then ssk on the other side.  My book is calling that a “Gored Seam”  It’s nice to have a name for these different techniques if I can manage to remember them.  🙂  I used the gored seam on my baby skull sweater.

Olwen with Subtle Seam (ssk, k2tog)

I’ve also used the “Subtle Seam”  (name given by my book).  This is the reverse of a gored seam so it’s ssk followed by k2tog.  I used it in one of my free sweater patterns (Olwen) and a couple of people said that they changed it to a gored seam which they preferred.

Tulia with Wide Gored Seam (k2tog, k1, ssk)
Tulia with Wide Gored Seam (k2tog, k1, ssk)

It turns out that I have also used the “Wide Gored Seam” in my Tulia Sweater which just adds an extra stitch to the regular Gored Seam.  I think this might be my favorite raglan decrease but I don’t know how it would look in a fair isle sweater because the pattern is interrupted at the seam.  And, I’ve knitted too much of the yolk to turn back now!

It looks like the only raglan decrease technique that I haven’t used is the “Directional Ridge” which is a clunky k3tog.  I found an example at  It looks like a very thick ridge is formed.  Maybe that would look good in a certain type of sweater?  One that doesn’t come to mind at the moment. (k3tog)


4 thoughts on “Raglan Decreases- in Pictures”

      1. It really is! lol. 🙂

        Now I just need to remember my newly found knowledge. It doesn’t seem to take long before I’ve already forgotten and I’m searching my own blog to figure out how I knit my toe-up socks again!


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