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My Fair Isle Evolves Into A New Project

SkullwithSleevesWhen I discovered that my gauge was WAY off last week, I received some fabulous advice from fellow knitters.  (Aren’t knitters the most generous, wonderful people ever?!?)  Filled with frustration, I began a 3 needle bind-off to turn my sweater body into a pillow cover when my husband came home from work.  (Did I mention that my hubby selected the colors for this thing?)

Hubby asked me very gently if there was a way to turn this into a sweater for him since it was running small.  I hate to admit it, but he’s about an inch less around than I am in the bust.  This could be a perfect fit if I lengthened the arms and body and ditched the scoop-neck for a v-neck.  So, it looks like I’m knitting a sweater for my husband.  I’m going to pretend that it was my plan all along. 

If this sweater grows to enormous proportions when I block it, and I get my original swatch gauge, I’ll get to wear the sweater.  If not, then hubby gets to wear it.  Plus, it will serve as a ginormous swatch so I can get a precise gauge for my next color-stranded project.  AND, I’ve gotten some great advice for future projects should I find myself in this predicament again!  Overall, I’d say this project is going to be worth all the time and frustration.

I’ve been collecting Fair Isle patterns on Pinterest and color combinations for inspiration.  There are an astonishing number of free patterns available on the internet.  I love the modern twists like these robots!  Although, I’m thinking of a pink, black, grey and white sweater with a dragon motif for my next project… 

9 thoughts on “My Fair Isle Evolves Into A New Project”

  1. Brilliant! You win either way. If the sweater blocks out to swatch size, you have a great sweater for yourself. If it doesn’t, Hubby had a lovingly-handknit sweater to wear and cherish. If only the rest of the world’s problems could be solved so easily. 🙂


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