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Finishing Touches and Xmas in August

finishedskullI’ve had these little labels for several years and this is the first project that I actually remembered to grab one.  It adds some charm, I think.  The label is a bit off center but not enough to re-sew.  The buttons are attached but I didn’t think through the placement of the buttonholes well-enough.  The last buttonhole on the collar is spaced a bit closer than the rest.  Something that I will plan better next time.  I don’t think my nephew will mind.

XmasScarfI’ve cast on for a mindless wavy garter stitch scarf with a single ball of Chroma to keep my fingers busy while I wait on my order of new yarn to arrive.  It doesn’t appear that this lone ball of Chroma is going to be enough yarn for a full-sized scarf so a stash raid will be needed to figure out how to lengthen this thing.  Perhaps mixing in some complementary solid yarn at the end will work.  Off-white, maybe?  The pattern is simple:  Cast on a multiple of 13 stitches plus 2 edge stitches.  (I’ve cast on 41 stitches)  Row 1: K1,  *k2tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, ssk* repeat till one stitch remains, k1  Row 2: K across.  Repeat these two rows until the scarf is long enough.  Since I have more than enough scarves in my home, this beauty is going to become a Christmas gift.  It’s never too early to start planning for Xmas!

finishedskull2For my next big project, I’m thinking of a color-stranded felted bag.  I like the cross-body kind.  Maybe I’ll even order some  purse hardware to finish it up.  I need my yarn to arrive so I can figure it all out.  🙂

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