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The Bad Ass is Blocked

blockedWhile this sweater turned out larger than intended, it still came together in the end.  It’s wearable.  But, it’s more like a 4T instead of a size 12 mo.  At least the tyke should get some wear out of it eventually.  Maybe next year.  Or, the year after that. 

Black buttons are sitting on my counter waiting to be attached.  I found some cute black skull buttons but I was afraid it would be overkill on the theme.  Plain black circles seemed to detract less from the color work.

The huge lesson learned from this undertaking is that bottom-up baby sweaters are a huge no-no.  It’s too darned hard to join them together because of the flattening of the tiny arms.  Next time, I’m starting from the top and taking it down.

skullchartHere’s a rough copy of the color work chart if you are interested in producing some rebel hand-knits for yourself.  I think I may use these skulls again in some mittens or maybe a double-knitted scarf.  Since I would never re-knit this sweater, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble of putting together a sweater pattern to share.   They can’t all be winners, so I’ve heard.

blockingFor my next project, I’ve been researching different fair isle motifs.  Loads of fingering-weight wool in various colors are currently in transit heading towards my house.  It’s tough to decide whether to commit to an adult-sized color-stranded sweater or to stick with more manageable projects like mittens and baby sweaters.  I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike.  🙂

10 thoughts on “The Bad Ass is Blocked”

    1. 🙂 Yay! It was worth all the trouble then. I just hope he’ll be able to wear it. My fear is that he will grow into it by next summer and grow out of it by the winter… :/


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