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Baby Bad Ass

Baby Bad Ass
Baby Bad Ass

It’s been well over a year since my last post.  Lots of things have happened – we moved (twice), I have a new nephew, and I’ve battled some anxiety and depression.  And, yes, some knitting also happened that was not recorded here or on ravelry.  I apologize for any unanswered questions or messages.  But, I’m ready to rejoin the world.  🙂

My latest project is for my teeny little nephew that resides over a thousand miles away.  His momma is a rebel and a sweetheart.  I couldn’t just give her a sweet baby bear sweater for her new bundle of joy.  Nope.  Skulls and cross bones are in order.

I’m aiming for a size 12 months.  If you’d like to follow along, I cast on 176 stitches in a contrasting yarn (fingering weight) using a size 1 circular needle.  Rib in K2, P2 for an 1 1/2 inches or so.  K around while decreasing (k2tog) every 10 stitches to reduce to 160 sts total.  Begin chart using black and white yarn.

Update:  And just for fun, a video of my color stranded knitting technique which was kindly edited by my wonderful daughter.  (Thanks babe!)

12 thoughts on “Baby Bad Ass”

  1. life happens doesn’t it. I am glad you are back and hope everything is going a bit better.
    I am just starting to write a little again too after going through a death in the family. its hard to get into blogging after a stop but slowly I am coming around.
    can’t wait to see more.


  2. I’ve had three deaths in the family since Jan, totally knocked for a loop so I can emphasis with both your and whatzitknitz! Then to top it off, during the period of my mom’s death my domain name expired: So now I’ve also lost most of my following since the blog is now at

    Glad to see your post and the hat a adorable!!! Clever, clever.


  3. Welcome back! I also can sympathize…I lost my best friend aka my mom two years ago. Thankfully, my depression was short lived. Life can be so challenging sometimes! I’m glad you found your way back and LOVE that little hat…thank you for sharing it!!!!


  4. Hi There, this is a blast from the past – as like you and others who’ve replied – I have not managed to post for nearly eleven months. Life does happen, but I am so glad to get your post as I now realise how much I missed blogging. My knitting itch only starts towards the end of September, but I will watch your fabulous hat develop. Well done and thankyou!


  5. Glad you’re back, and glad you’re feeling better. I loved your little video, I might have to try that sometime. That sweater is adorable in its own way. 😉


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